Grand Mission Team

Thrown by like minded local people who are all about living in the now, enjoying the outdoors, and cultivating good for the greater good of the humanhood. We would love for you to join us on this mission.


President / Owner

Amber Mae - PhlowFest Co Creator

Dedicated to mind body soul and all the LIFE things. Amber has spent 20 plus years cultivating the wellbeing fitness arena and coupling that with her driving force of motherhood. Her love for the outdoors and giving back has brought her to establish The Grand Mission. Amber is always wanting to enhance the lives of others and her favorite way of doing so is through music and movement. Amber and Jes two like minded local chicks created Phlowfest with the intentions of people coming together on one big stage for the greater good of the human hood. #lifelikeyameanit

Vice President

Jes Christenson - PhlowFest Co Creator

Born in Chicago, IL landed in Lake Geneva Wisconsin. She craves the mountains and dreams of the ocean, but Midwest love will always take her home. Jes and her sister Grace run their family business in the heart of Lake Geneva, Champs Sports Bar & Grill. On her free time she enjoys waking the lake, taking laps around it on her bike, golfing, traveling, taking hot laps and skiing the cold smoke with her best friend out west. She loves to life hard and let the good times PHLOW.

Media Director

Michael Mantas

DJ Michael Mantas started his musical journey drumming in his first band, local favorite “Braided Funk.” When he got his first set of turntables though, things shifted. He had the opportunity to join the Mastercraft Pro-Wakeboard Tour where he traveled the country providing music that set the tone for this world renowned event. He has had the honor of DJing multiple Red Bull events, collaborating with Grammy Award winning producer Rockwilder, and performing the X-Games awards at the Nokia Theater in LA. Splitting his time between the Midwest and Central Florida, he has captivated a wide range of audiences on such stages as The Legendary Double Door in Chicago to Hard Rock Live in Orlando. Refusing to adhere to one genre, he easily adapts to his audience and is constantly continuing to evolve and perfect his craft.


Mike Kocourek

Long time local and community advocate, Mike has spent many of his days cruising the waters of Lake Geneva and focilitating forward economic growth within numerous communities. His extensive background in business has brought him mainstage to our PHLOWFEST team as our CFO. Mike spends his time traveling, overseeing his lifes work and letting the good times flow with friends and family. He has a profound impact on our mission, as his belief in it has been the catalyst for bringing it to fruition.

Brand Strategist

Brit Musial

A homegrown Milwaukee Creative, Britt Musial is a curious artist in every sense of the word. Her inquisitive nature drives her to constantly explore new mediums, materials and techniques. Influenced by her interests in photography, design, and graffiti, her graphic collections display an honest expression of her interest of language, context, and perception.

Britt is currently inspired by metal, fire, and wood. Using a variety of mediums and techniques to manipulate and deform her materials, she composes steel, copper, wood, and acrylics in combination with other found objects and up-cycled items. Britt’s graphically vibrant compositions are layered with color, texture and material expression resulting from a process yielding both intentional and unintentional results.